Marie's Gundam Wing Fanfics


My Gundam Wing fanfics are widely diverse, consisting of straight pairings (SallyxWufei, HeeroxRelena), humor fics and Yaoi (m/m).


Pairings: None Really. It's a Sally/Wufei fic!
Rating: PG - 13
Category: Drama/Action adventure
In progress! Sally & Wufei are working for the Preventers when they find themselves seperated during a mission... (In progress.)


Pairings: Sally+Wufei
Rating: PG
Category: Drama/Romance
In progress! It's been a long day at the office and Sally finds herself dealing with a headache from hell and Wufei as well. (In progress.)

Part 1 Part 2


Pairings: 3+4
NC-17, NCS and squick!! You have been warned.
Category: Dark Ficcy. Very dark. Alternate Universive... it never happens in the series.
I didn't expect this. Me thinks stress broadcasted into my writing.... (I wrote it two days before moving.)


Pairings: Heero+Relena, mention of Hilde & Duo.
Rating: G
Category: Humor
"She had a strange strange husband. He had a habit of bugging the phone line and was never around to talk much..."

Wuffie vs Mr. Wuff (crossover)

Shows: Gundam Wing and Star Trek : DS9.
Rating: G
Category: Humor
Wufei and Mr. Worf act a lot alike, don't you think?? So if they got into a fight who would you think would win?? Guest starring... well you'll see.... ^_~


Shows: Gundam Wing and Jurassic Park 3.
Rating: PG-ish
Category: Humor
What's happening?? Relena's stuck on an Island somewhere in the middle of the south Pacific, Heero has orders to find and kill her. Meanwhile Trowa doesn't remember a thing, including why exactly there are sharp toothed creatures snapping at the base of the tree he's stuck on. Guest starring *lots* of dinosaurs and just about every character in Gundam Wing. (In progress.)


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